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Rangayana Director Dr. B. V. Rajaram speaks

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After just a few months of his appointment, Rangayana Director Dr. B. V. Rajaram has come out with this year’s Bahuroopi. Speaking to our Correspondent, Dr. Rajaram explained the reason for choosing Jnanpith as the theme and the major highlights of the festival.

Why was the theme of Jnanpith Rangothsava selected?
Since Chandrashekar Kambar got the Jnanpith Award recently, a lot of programmes were arranged across the State and awareness about Kannada language was created. Since Kannada has the pride of bagging eight Jnanpith awards, it was made the basic frame for this year’s Bahuroopi. Next, we wanted to reach out to the youth. Youth nowadays are not into reading literature like before. We could have held all the programmes here but our aim was to attract the youth towards Kannada literature and hence we decided to take Bahuroopi to them.

What is the major highlight of the festival?
We have selected eight colleges for conducting seminars on each of the eight Jnanpith awardees. The colleges include Vijaya Vittala PU College, JSS Women’s College, Sharada Vilas Degree College, SDM Women’s College, Maharaja College, Vidyavardhaka, St. Philomena’s College and Mahajana College. Not only seminars, but quiz & essay contests, cultural programmes and street plays will be held in the colleges. These colleges will stop all their regular activities and be with us for the entire programme. This is the first time Bahuroopi is going to colleges and we are targeting around 8,000 students for 8 days. Students of other colleges and public can also attend the events being held at these venues. The seminars on the awardees will be the major highlight this year.

Apart from seminars, how are you planning to attract youth towards plays?
We are giving tickets at concession rates for students. If it is Rs. 30 for general public, for students we will be charging Rs. 10 or Rs. 20. We have also given 100 tickets to the eight colleges so that students can just come for watching the plays. This will be extended to other colleges on request. Our goal is to create an interest about theatre in students. As part of promotion, we will launch a new website, send SMS alerts about the day’s programme and posters and invitations have been sent to various parts of the State and the country.

Since the seminars will be held at different venues, will Rangayana be empty during the day?
Of course not. We will be at the respective college till evening and later folk dances, street plays and other dramas will be staged in Rangayana. During the day, there will be exhibitions and other stalls in Rangayana premises which can be visited by the public.

The theme is Jnanpith awardees. Will any of the awardees be attending the seminars?
Only Chandrashekar Kambar will be attending on the second day. Ananthamurthy is not keeping well and Girish Karnad is abroad. Hence they may not be able to attend.

Is any awardee from other language attending?
We invited Sitakant Mahapatra since he was the Chairman of the Committee which selected Kambar. But he is not able to attend due to health related issues. Others from the Committee were also contacted but none will be able to attend.

Courtesy: Star of Mysore

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