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25 Years for the Love of Art

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CAVA completed 25 years of service to art in 2007. The Silver Jubilee was celebrated over a period of one year from December 2006 to December 2007. A series of programmes marked the celebrations. Former Dean of CAVA V.M. Sholapurkar inaugurated an “Alumni Art Workshop”.

The academy organised painting competitions for high school students and a “Chitra Santhe” programme during Dasara at the Kukkarahalli Lake.

A 10 - day workshop for students of fine arts was organised and artists from various art schools in Delhi, Mumbai, Shantiniketan and Thiruvananthapuram participated. The workshop included discussions and slide shows as well and saw participation of a large number of students from Bangalore, Hubli, Dharwad, Tumkur and other places. CAVAites received ample exposure in art and a surge to their creativity, having got an opportunity to interact with stalwarts from prominent art institutions.

Another 10 - day workshop for artists was held in Gulbarga recently, where artists such as V. G. Andani, Khande Rao and Ramadas Adyantaya had participated. Cultural events were also part of the celebrations, which clearly showcased the acting, theatre, dance and other talents of CAVAites.

The main objective of the events at the silver jubilee was to familiarise CAVA so that the degrees offered here command more value and a national reputation would facilitate students in the professional selection process.


The curriculum of a CAVA course is spread over 5 years, wherein the first two years is the “Foundation course” and the next three years the Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA) degree course. In the foundation course, the students are taught languages along with art subjects. Students can choose the area of specialisation in the BFA course (graphics, painting, photography and photojournalism, applied art, history of art and sculpture), a long with languages.

After graduating with a BFA, students may pursue Master in Fine Arts (MFA), which requires an additional 2 years of study. The MFA course is a post-graduation course where the students master their field of interest. They are provided special opportunities and training to further the development of their expertise. The curriculum for CAVA courses are carefully drafted keeping in mind the requirements of the industry, in consultation with experts from the field. This equips students to confidently chase their dreams, be high on their learning curve and exceed career expectations. Faculty at CAVA come with high experience from the best art schools.

Admission and Fee Structure:
Any person who has passed SSLC is eligible to take up a course in CAVA. Admissions to the course are determined through entrance exams. Applications are invited in June every year soon as the SSLC results are out and a notification for the same is given in leading newspapers. An annual fee of Rs.3000 is charged for the foundation course, Rs. 3500 for BFA and Rs. 8000 for the MFA course. A stipend of Rs. 200 is given to students in the foundation course and Rs. 250 for students of BFA. MFA students are paid a stipend of Rs. 500.

Periodic workshops are conducted where renowned artists and lecturers from fine arts universities share their knowledge and skill with the students. These workshops are conducted with the sole objective of providing exposure, insight and training to students to the largest extent possible. CAVA organizes tours, seminars, internships and exhibitions of works executed by its students and leading artists. Student art works are also exhibited during Dasara festivities. Informal campus interviews help students get placed in the best of corporates.

Courtesy: Star of Mysore

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