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“Success is the outcome of my poverty”: Mathoorji

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Draupadi’s agony, anger and helplessness when she was being disrobed in public, Dasharata’s anguish at having to send his dear son Rama to exile or Krishna’s magnanimity towards his dear friend Sudhama. All this and several other incidents in Indian mythology are replayed with such intensity that the listener is drawn into another world, while his eyes go moist, just as those of the person who is delivering the discourse.

Mathoor Krishnamurti, one of the most respected and revered spiritual scholars in the country, has captured the hearts of millions of listeners and TV viewers with his unique style of delivering spiritual discourses narrating the ancient texts with several contemporary examples so intensely using all the navarasas.

An Executive Director of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (BVB), Bangalore, Mathoorji, as he is fondly called, is a true follower of the ideals of the founder of BVB, Dr. K. M. Munshi. It is said Dr. Munshi looked upon the Bhavan as an “Adventure in Faith”, a faith in India’s past, present and future and Mathoorji too firmly believes in the country’s ageless message of Faith, Self - discipline and Dedication, Shraddha, Samyama and Samarpana.
Born on Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna, whose character he greatly adores, Mathoorji turned 80 yesterday. Having authored several books, delivered hundreds of discourses all over the world, contributed immensely to the growth of the Bhavan, Mathoorji’s zeal to spread the message of peace and values, and his belief in the rich heritage of India is still on a high.

Martin Luther King, Jr. said “If a man is called to be a street - sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music, or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, here lived a great street - sweeper who did his job well”. Mathoorji too firmly believes in the principle “If you do it, do it well”. It is said, you must first be a believer, if you want to be an achiever. A person who believes immensely in the ideals he follows, which has lead him towards his achievements, Mathoorji recollects the experiences in his life that made him what he is today.

Whatever little I have achieved so far is perhaps the outcome of my poverty! Poverty came as a blessing, paving way for hard work and the resolve to take up challenges and do well. The backgrounds of great men influenced me and I learnt that to succeed in whatever you do you need to be fully interested and committed.

Probably I was exposed to the spirit of challenge at a tender age of 13. That year Mahatma Gandhi was visiting Madras where I lived and they were looking out for volunteers. I was one among the hundreds of people who had applied for the posts. But I was denied an opportunity as I could not speak Hindi. I cried but the organisers said they were helpless as speaking Hindi was one of the main criterion. That was for the first time I think that I challenged myself! I wanted to be near Bapu and if that meant learning Hindi in four days I would do it!

There was a Hindi teacher who lived near my house whose help I sought and she rightly thought I was mad! But I was adamant and requested her to give me some books and she reluctantly gave me 5 readers. These had conversations, small essays, commonly used words etc., in them and believe me I by-hearted all the 5 of them in 3 days! When I went and told my teacher what I had learnt she was shocked at my obsession and called me a “ghost”! When I went to meet Bapu’s Secretary again, he too couldn’t believe I was the same non - Hindi speaking boy whom he had met 4 days ago! I learnt that nothing is impossible if you set your mind on it.

On Gandhiji’s influence:
What do I say of this great soul? The compassion he exhibited was simply superb. When I was a volunteer, a boy ripped off a page from a book and the page was very unevenly torn. Bapu gently reprimanded him saying even books have life and need to be treated gently and showed him how to fold the page and slowly tear it off.

First job:
I had to support my family and I went to Shimoga seeking a job. I stayed there eating in one person’s house every week (vaaranna as it was called). When I kept pleading for a job, an influential person piqued at my persistence and asked me if I would work as a bus conductor, for he was sure I wouldn’t! I readily agreed as I desperately needed the job and also because Bapu had made me respect the dignity of labour. He apprehensively allowed me to go on the bus and after four days, he must have got a feedback about my work, he called me and asked me to join as an inspector for the buses!

Sincerity in work:
Once you are sincere, committed and dedicated to your work, the trust in you increases three fold, which brings in a new level of confidence. Responsibility too increases and all these factors obviously have a great positive impact on your personal life. The lives of great people teach you so many ways to succeed.

I staunchly believe in “Indianism”. I don’t understand the reason to seek refuge in Western culture! From the whole gamut of experiences that I have had with people all over the globe, I can confidently say that people respect you when you are yourself and don’t copy others.

Indian culture:
The basics should start from schools. The text books in schools are not the same anymore. If you ask anybody of my generation, they will tell you of the kind of lessons we had in our text books. A lot of stories from the Upanishads, Epics and other spiritual sources had a strong influence on all of us. These stories taught us the values of life that are universal in nature. If today I speak in a polite tone, it’s because of the influence that these characters in the stories had on me.

Why imitate when you can showcase?
I was asked by BBC to talk on Religion and Culture. The Director of the Religious Programmes on BBC actually told me not to shy away as my country had such a rich tradition. After a series of such talks, I was invited to compere a function at St. Paul’s Cathedral on the occasion of the diamond jubilee celebrations of the BBC. Queen Elizabeth and many members of the Royal family were present. Eminent people of the nine most well- known religions in the world were also there and had to render prayers in accordance with their religion. I compered, selecting to choose Sikhism first and Hinduism last. Just when I had finished, the Director came up to me and said, "May I escort you to Her Majesty, the Queen?" I was a little nervous wondering whether there was a faux pas. But as I was nearing Her Majesty, I saw her removing the gloves of her right hand which is usually done to shake hands with some one. I was relieved. I stood in front of her, folded my hands and said “Namasthe”. She was pleasantly surprised and asked me to explain what the gesture and the word meant. I explained among other things that it mainly means that I bow to you and that it recognises the belief that the life force, the divinity, the Self or the God in you and me is the same in all.

The Queen listened very keenly to our concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam and how we believe that broad hearts and high thinking makes the world one family. Quite surprised that our scriptures which preached this was as old as 6000 BC, she asked me to send a copy of the relevant text to her. If I had shook hands with her, I would have lost an opportunity to explain the significance of our culture.

On family values:
I may sound old fashioned but I firmly believe that values need to be inculcated in children at a very young age and it is the responsibility of the parents to do the same. Whatever the pressures of present day living, it is sad that mothers who need to be there for the child all the time are busy pursuing careers at the cost of family. You are not only ruining the kids but also failing them! God has given such a huge responsibility to the parents of mentoring the children the right way, which they should do by leading a good value-based life themselves. A certain amount of sacrifice for children is essential.

On his dream project:
My discourse on the Mahabharata on TV has received enormous response. Being in this field for over 60 years and having studied Gandhiji, Krishna and Rama, I strongly feel they all stand on the same platform. Their lives, their goals and aims, their traits are all so much the same. I want to look at all this in an analytical way and write about this. This is my dream project.

When I had explained this to Madhav Prasad Birla long back, he was very happy with the idea and had sanctioned Rs.1 lakh for the project. If God gives me some more years of health, I fervently want to complete this one.

An interview by Nandini Srinivasan
Courtesy: Star of Mysore

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