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Politicians gifts Rs. 10 lakh mobike to Syed to fix CM’s son
Nikhil was woken from his sleep at 11. 30 p. m. for Ramzan party?

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Preliminary investigation made by the Police is said to have revealed that the incident of brawl between Nikhil Gowda (Chief Minister H. D. Kumaraswamy's son) and the staff of Hotel Empire International in city on Thursday, was a well - planned plot by a politician who reportedly gifted a scooter to a former friend of Nikhil to carry out the murky plan.

Police sources claimed that after questioning Syed Ehtesham, the former friend of Nikhil and Junaiz, General Manager of the hotel, it had come to light that Nikhil was being used as a pawn by a rival political party to defame the Gowda family. Nikhil and Syed were close friends about two years ago. For some reason, Nikhil had given up his friendship and since then, he was not in touch with Syed at all.

Nikhil Gowda with his Friend Syed

However, for some strange reason, making Ramzan festival as an excuse, Syed telephoned Nikhil on Oct. 26 at 11. 30 in night, when he was sleeping at his house after meals. Syed persuaded Nikhil to join him for a Ramzan party, according to Police. The Police also said that a politician had gifted a scooter to Syed for planning and executing the plot to trap Nikhil by implicating him in a brawl. The Police has since seized the scooter, said to have been gifted to Syed by a rival politician.

"Nikhil and few other friends, who had been out partying that night, went to Hotel Empire well after midnight and demanded food. Since the restaurant was closed for the day, the hotel staff refused to comply with the boys' demands, resulting in a brawl," said Police sources and added, "After the boys left the place, a gang of rowdies went to the hotel, ransacked some furniture, damaged computers and shattered glass panes."

Police sources claimed that the rowdies were sent by a politician to intentionally create a ruckus and said that they would be identified shortly through the picture clicked by the hotel staff using camera - cell phones. Some of them have been interrogated by the Police, the sources said and added that the conversation between Syed and Nikhil over telephone also was recorded.

"Nikhil and his friends went to the hotel at around 2 a. m. The ransacking of the hotel occurred at 4.30 a. m. This news was conveyed to various newspaper offices by 5 am and Congress party - workers launched a protest demonstration at 6 am," said the Police sources and implied that the entire sequence of incidents was a meticulously hatched plot. They, however, refused to divulge more details of the investigation and said that the Chief Minister himself would make startling disclosures about those involved in the “plot” in a day or two.

Police sources said that after the incident, Syed had been absconding. "There are criminal cases filed against him earlier. As per the records, he was accused in a robbery case and arrested in 2002 by the Cubbon Park Police Station," they said. Junaiz, who had been naming Nikhil and his friends as culprits on the morning of the incident in TV channels, seems to have backtracked now, saying that the ruckus was created by an inebriated group while Nikhil stood some distance away.

According to some sources, after the incident, Nikhil wanted to go home, but Syed insisted that he should go to Cubbon Park Police Station and give a complaint. At the Police Station, though the Station officials knew Nikhil was the son of Chief Minister H. D. Kumaraswamy, they registered the complaint and got his signature. Normally, in the case of VIPs and VIP-children, before the case is registered, the normal practice is to inform the higher Police officials. In this case the higher officials were not informed. Immediately thereafter, Nikhil was taken to the Bowring Hospital. From here, his friend Syed had disappeared and is said to be now absconding.

According to another version, a politician from Chamarajpet had gifted a motorcycle costing Rs. 10 lakh to Syed. He had also posed before Nikhil's car for a photograph, which was later provided to the newspapers by the Opposition politicians the same morning at around 5 am. All these incidents and their sequence clearly indicate a conspiracy to implicate Nikhil in the brawl.

DGP B. S. Sial also maintained that Nikhil was not present at the time of the hotel's ransacking and that the hotel's staff knew Nikhil very well as he was frequent customer.

Courtesy: Star of Mysore

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