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Beauty Tips for Beautiful Hair
(The Ayurveda Way!)

Dr. Smitha Yavagal

From the time immemorial, the beauty of woman's hair is one of the important factors in a woman's beauty. Thus Beautiful Hair plays a very important role in enhancing her beauty.

But in changing times of today, not only women, but also men want their hair to be beautiful and lustrous. In olden age women used to take care of her hair using homemade products and thus her hair used to be beautiful. But today, in this fast age women do not have time to prepare these homemade products and use them. Thus she is depending more and more on the market products.

Today many companies are marketing the products in the name of herbal products, which are actually synthetically prepared. These products may have some of the natural drugs described under the contents but they also do have synthetic preservatives, colours and fragrance to give it a presentable look for easy marketing. These products do more harm to your hair rather than doing anything good.

What I feel is that an herbal product should be solely herbal in its natural form without any artificial colours, fragrance etc which is very much near to nature.

Today I want to discuss some of the homemade products, which can be easily made at home and is natural, which gives your crowning glory - something we desire.

Every woman today has complains about her hair like dandruff, hair fall, lusterless hair, premature graying etc. Before going into the details of treatment, it is necessary to know the causes for these conditions and to treat this cause.

Dandruff (Seborrhic dermatitis)
The cause for this condition can be extreme dryness of the scalp due to loss of moisture in the hair. Dandruff associated with itching in the scalp is usually seen in the people suffering from diabetes mellitus. So it is necessary to check for diabetes and control the blood glucose level to normal. Dandruff can also affect those people who do not maintain the hygiene - of their hair.

(1) Henna leaves (Botanical name - Lawsonia inermis) are mixed with sesame oil and is kept under direct sunrays for 7 days. Then this mixture is sieved and should be applied to the scalp for 2 hours before bath and washed with the hair washing powder described below.
(2) 'Haritaki' or Black Myrobalan (Terminalia Chebula), 'Vibhitaki' or Belearic Myrobalan (Terminalia Belerica) and 'Amalaki' or Goose Berry (Embelica officinalis) - together called as 'Triphala' - powder of these in equal quantity is mixed with water and applied to the scalp for 1 hour and washed with Luke warm water.
(3) The fruit of 'Bilwa' of Bael fruit (Aegle marmeolus) is burnt in the fire. After it is burnt, the pulp of the fruit is extracted, made into paste in water and applied to the scalp for 1 hour and washed with Luke warm water.

Lusterless hair and hair loss
The cause for lusterless hair may be due to too much exposure to sun and wind, causing loss of moisture and also due to non-usage of hair oil. The cause for hair loss is mainly due to poor nutrition and also due to anemia. Thus it is very much necessary to correct this condition by taking lots of nutritionally rich food containing vit-B complex, calcium in particular and iron.

(1) To give luster to your hair, add few drops of lemon juice to the water and wash your hair.
(2) Dried Amla (Embelica officinalis) powder is mixed with water and boiled. This is used for washing your hair, which gives luster to your hair.
(3) The skin of 'kushmanda' or Ash gourd (Benincasa hispida) is made into paste and mixed with sesame oil and boiled till all the water evaporates leaving only the oil. This is sieved and applied to the scalp for 2 hours before washing hair and washed with Hair washing powder described below - which gives luster to your hair, also prevents hair loss.
(4) The seeds of 'Methika' or fenugreek (Trigonella foenum) is soaked in coconut oil and kept under direct sunrays for 7 days and applied to the scalp, which prevents hair loss.

Premature graying of hair
The cause for premature graying of hair is mainly nutritional deficiency especially of proteins. Thus proteins should be supplied in sufficient quantity through diet.

(1) Brahmi taila - The leaves of 'Brahmi' or 'Mandukaparni' can be used to make the oil. Leaves of 'Mandukaparni' or Indian penny world (centella Asiactica) is taken in 2 parts, sesame oil 2 parts, powder of clove 1\8th part and cardamom 1\8th part are mixed together and boiled till all the water evaporates. It is sieved and applied to the scalp. This gives colour to your hair.
(2) Henna powder (lowsonia inermis), tea decoction, lemon juice, leaves of white hibiscus and flower of red hibiscus are all made into paste and kept overnight in an iron vessel next day morning, to this mixture egg white is added and applied to the hair. It should be left for 3 to 4 hours and washed with cold water. It gives black colour to your hair.

Hair washing powder
Bengal gram (cicer arietinum) 1 part, green gram (phaseolus mungo) 1 part and Fenugreek seeds 1\2 part is powdered coarsely. This mixture can be used to wash your hair, which does not remove the natural oil from the hair thus preventing dryness of hair.

Thus, by following the above said methods you can give your hair the best look you always desired for, but were unable to give. So follow the tips and see the affect - done by the natural products - to your crowning glory.

Dr. Smitha.C.Yavagal. Mysore.

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