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Nwl bq Karnataka Rajyothsava

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Sri. Kumar MalavalliANu Pq r q0qbwu . . cSv, N , r y. S X0uy, w w抮 q Aw ¯q Nw銬 Bq u0q u® qS 囊 56 So㊮ S w 0SS y䚮N w NwhN bq y 0vu. Q0r H. H0. NǮ bq vwu0u D SoS y yuw luۊ0u Nwl q 0r Y p r yrNSՇ ru. 0u Lv

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wS  q Nwl N yq B 0Nh NwhNu IONou w OS.  Nwl yrNu "x" q0u B N wl wm S u. B 0Nh0q q dqu INN S NwhN IONo H0u ﱛu. 0ڇ yrNu "SǮo" u 0yuO u wmw cwqw HXϋu. wmw ® y0yw cwqS iԚ Eu۰v0u "NwhN Sq ®" Nr Yu. 0u Lv

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A x0q A qSw Bru ww xu K0u K0u q u qyް???
"A q0u.... Nwlw E.... N lm" A0u!!! AuN qhw A0u.... "AuNʰ B0i.... Nwlw S Eh C0TǬw QX l Cv۰" A0q Sw wNʊ. "xw B u NylN" A0u0l A0u Nq.
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H. N. 抮: uu Nwl E, S
Harihareshwara1987 Nwl Nwl Ⱑwu AS¯Ǯo: 0Pq u® Eu۰SST, SST, sT ¯ǵ0uw EyT qlTuS AuN ¯ǵ yh qw qwT qu. wq X . wl ¯ǵu Nwlu AxSS q Bl wm   Cu c. bqS A Cw Sxqي; ¯ǵ QT K0u AO u®. w dwu X u¯S ul, YN, r you 0u Lv

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Nwl EN0u N N vNS0u Swݰ E lu OX K ݰ0Su umw wlN. Nwl u®x, Nwl Xq, 0 - NSw LuN. OX u O䇮qNT umuw NN. u u "Nwl E" H0u hԊ N N lu cw Lm Sqي. Au u D utS w umS CwǮ z NhԊ Nwl Equ. 0u Lv

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B N0q u A0q yb - ywʊ lS q - NsS Lvيr, Au u? Au w "NwhN. Bu K0u q㚮 A0u, DTw Eqي Nwl, , YquS, S NlS BTw cw "N0q" u A0ru. X0u䜯 Awݰ c D N0q uw Bىu. w N NlS BTw Nu 䜮⣵qTq. 닇 BwS0v ou "O0u" Tq. 0u Lv

H. N. 抮: Nwl vTcu K0u u®w!
Harihareshwarauu NwmSS "Nwl" K0u ¯ǵT Ev. "Nwl Hw O xﱊu" H0u, Nwlu OS uS Auw AxXx Bw0u BSq H0 u®x "Nwlu" u wmSq. Au AǮNʰ xv; Nwlu cw wl, wlN, BX, X, , Nwlu Cx ux, l , Npq, wqw, NwmS (ǮT Nwlr) Ǯ - ®Ǯo - N0N, NwmS qNq (S yuN u®q), KgԊ NwlNʰ ǮxN "0r" - Cu  "Nwl" HxNqu,
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w ou rxrS凮 0r wu uǮދnSw NlN. vX, uqw, q 0yuSw BXnSw NʢS Nh, Au q 0uS C0s u0qw qlu. w 0yuSu xqysw, yb ywʊS, Ns o, XN qu yjo - 0quS0u qwu ڊ ww T ylu. 0u Lv

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AO Nu "¯ǵ" "NN" N "u" E o , BlqN Nu yN q 0qu A0S cT bSOu yrǮu "w0 1" wl xq㜮SOu. Nwl wu "NwlNʰ wq" H0 UǮn yru®xS Nʰi NwmS "KNʊ" ATu. A0u "Nwl cbS bq xqqu BrSqu". 0u Lv

bq yS - 2002
oqc l. m. H. wc0ly, w㇮S S w㇮r X. d. NǮ, XwYq qu T N uq 56 So, 3 SS D w bq yهw UTu. Nwl ST S l. Ax Nr, bwyu qu w, Tqu X. B. Nr, wqu u®, qu Xw co AYq, l. d. NǮ, uO  l. uy䚯u i, wl NwmS ry¬S y vu. 0u Lv

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q0®qw qwu u®¯Sv0u NwhNu IONou Nw lqlTq. 1856 u¯l, by q S dS lyi Xw݅yw IONo X qSwmu. 1890 ywu NwhN u¯u®N 0U D v Sxuu UhwTu. 1903 wS  IONow Nq u¯lu ¯Ǯo mu. 1905 󰇮 N0S䚬 ¯ǯ y0q Xw qqN qw 0w Yq. 1915 0Sw Nwl q yǮq ywq. 0u Lv

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1907 NwhN S0sNq ys Ⱑww cTu. "c NwhN" Hw  yrNw y䊮0Ûu B 0Nh. Nwl Cr, 0ȳrS Au®㇮wNT "NwhN Cr 0u®w 0l"w Nl z A Au Au®㣮u. q0q u® ATu A 0Nh O rهw h hu u®Ou. 0lr Nʡw lqwu h w u. 0u Lv

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w0  0q0u v vS Nw Nh. NwmS m0m. Nwl q, Nwl s. v N0zw h. wlTq, A ¯Ǯo, ®wS bN. SSS x qS ww. BNN. Nwl wl wmS ﱛu wwy. C w0 r0SS q qTu. w0q xq H婲 NoSqu. w w0 NwmS H0uw q cq ymuۊ. "C0u ȶg T zS rT lwS u A0u y Bzð Au Bydg԰ Nwl ®w". Tu w u Nwl. 0u Lv

Bl rw Nwl yuS c N
x "experiment" Awrٰ C "y䇵S" Aw ? w "exhibition" Awrٰ C "yuw" Aw ? N0q ﱧNi A D yh N Lv!! (Cu wwS Sq Ar ? . xS Sq Aq wwS Sq. Bu Cu HǮ Nwl Sw vw xqu rw EyTrv۰. Bq  mNٰ ? 0u Lv

Kannadigas should Save Kannada
In Bangalore, you find Andhrites, Sindhis, Gujarathis, Marathis, Keralites, Sikhs, Anglo-Indians etc., living peacefully in the state without causing undue tensions to the localites and to themselves unlike "Others".
What is undesirable however is, taking undue advantage of mildness and goodness of locals (in this case Kannadigas), (Pl. visit Okalipuram, underneath the flyover linking Sirsi Circle and Narasimha Raja Road, Shivajinagar interiors, Krishnarajapuram, Attibele etc. you can hear Tamil Songs shouting on the Loud speakers almost 24hours). Shivajinagar is the un-official capital of Tamilnadu and shortly Bangalore will be too. Read On

"Udayavagali namma cheluva kannada naadu" - still a dream!

November 1st of every year is a special occasion for Kannadigas as it is on this day that the state came into being.  Karnataka was formed on 1st November 1956 when the Government of India decided to form linguistic states. Whether linguistic states have an advantage or have they fulfilled the aspirations and dreams of the people is a topic to be debated.  It does have some advantages, as language is a big binding factor.  So the writers, intellectuals, politicians and almost everybody felt that the areas, which had scattered in different provinces, have to be brought under one banner or one state. Read On

Rajyothsava.. what Rajyothsava ?
If you really look into the background  of Karnataka Rajyotsava (or Kannada Rajyotsava), you see some sacrifices, some dedicated and tireless efforts. I still dont know if it was necessary to subdivide India (may not be the most politically correct word to use, but who cares anyways!). So, it seemed fitting to celebrate this day every year with pomp and fanfare. Is it worth it? If someone asks me, my instantaneous answer would be NO!! Before some "true Kannadiga" or mannina maga pounces on me, please ask these questions (to yourselves of course!) Read On

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