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Shree Vishnumurthy Temple
Kulai - Mangalore

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Shree Vishnumurthy Temple is located in the town of Kulai about 15 Kilomeres north of Mangalore along the West coast High way facing the eastern plain of paddy fields. It is one of the ancient Vishnu Shrines in this part of Karnataka. The Main deity of this temple is Shree Vishnumurthy who is another form of Lord Mahavishnu.

Lord Vishnumurthy in Kulai Temple, MangaloreSince there are no hard and fast documents available regarding history of its origin, we could not have get any kind of mythological and historical view in connection to the temple. However, as per the opinion of Shri Gururaj Bhatt, a well-known archeologist and historian in South Kanara, the age of the statue dates back to 600 years. Initially, there was no temple complex, but Mr. Venkatramana Hebbar, found a small shrine in ruining stage midst of shrubs and forest resident, around 1911. He then constructed the shrine with the help of local residents and villagers. His son Shri Ramakrishna Hebbar also contributed to this holy task. Since then its renovation work was taken up step-by-step and still it is going on.

Renovation through the ages:
1963- Ashtabandha Brahmakalasha covering the roof of the sanctum, sanctorum with copper sheets, Chandramandala.
1965- Mahaganapathi Prathishte, and Naga Prathishte; covering the inner temple yard with granite slabs.
1968- Installation of Dwajasthambha, Inauguration of five days Annual Festival.
1968- Construction of temple communication road from high way.
1973- Covering the Dwajasthambha with copper sheets; Dedicating 'New Ratha' inauguration by Sri Sri Sringeri Jagadguru Mahaswamiji and Blessings.
1974- Dedicating Vasantha Mantapa to Lord Vishnumurthy.
1976- Bhajana Saptaha and construction of Mahadwara - inauguration by Sri Pejavara Vishwesha Teertha Swamiji and Blessings.
1978- Construction of Sri Vishnumurthy Kalyana Mantapa with all facilities for the benefit of the public.
1980- Installation of electric lights to the temple road with co-operation of Kulai village Panchayath.
1981- Dedicating 'Surya Mandala' to Lord Vishnumurthy - Inaugurated by Sri Keshavananda Bharathi Swamiji of Edneer Mutt.
1982- Renovation of frontage wings of the temple and covering the eastern yard with granite slabs; eight days' Samhita Yaga and Bhajana Saptaha.
1983- Eight days' Samhita Yaga and Cultural Programs.
1984- Eight days' Samhita Yaga and Bhajana Saptaha.

Main statues in temple:
Main Deity: Lord Shri Vishnumurthy
Sub deity: Lord Mahaganapati
Sub deity: Lord Subrahmanya
Sub deity: Annappa Panjurli Daiva.

Kulai Vishnumurthy Temple, MangaloreImportant Festival and celebrations:
1. Nagara Panchami
2. Shri Krishna Janmashtami
3. Vinayaka Chathurthi
4. Simha Sankramana - Tender coconut Abhishekha, Appada pooja to Ganapathi and Hoovina Pooja to Lord Vishnumurthy
5. From Next day of Simha Sankramana to Kanya Sankramana (for one month) - Daily Hoovina pooja, Alankara Pooja, Ranga Pooja to Lord Vishnumurthy, Appada Pooja, Ranga Pooja to Lord Mahaganapathi and Bhajan singing on request of devotees.
6. Next immediate Saturday from the day of Subrahmanya Shasthi - Daily night Bhajan, Pooja and Procession.
7. Dhanu Pooja - (December 15th to January 14th) Daily morning Dhanu Pooja.
8. Meena Masa Shuddha Chathurdashi - Holy flag hoisting and beginning 5 days annual festival of the temple.
4th day - Afternoon: Ratharohana, Evening: Rathotsava.
5th day- Afternoon: Choornotsava and mass feast. Night - Nemotsava, Nagadarshana and Avabritha.

Kulai Temple: Annual Rathotsava and Jatra
Kulai Temple: Annual Rathotsava and Jatra

Daily programs:
Pooja Timings: Morning: 8.30AM  and Evening: 8.30PM

Every Wednesday:
Evening - Bhagavatha Pravachana, Bhajan, Hoovina Pooja, and Ranga Pooja to Lord Ganapathy.
Every Thursday:
Tala Maddale (Cultural Program)
Every full Moon day:
Monthly Tala Maddale (Cultural Program)

How to reach the temple:
Since the temple is near to National High way No.17, any bus from Mangalore to Udupi will take halt in Kulai and it is just 10 minutes walk able distance from Kulai bus stop to the temple.

Postal Corresponding address:
Shree Vishnumurthy Temple, Kulai
Mangalore - 575 019
South Canara District
Karnataka - INDIA
Ph: 91-824-408090

Seva List

1. Karpoorarathi 2-50
2. Karti pooja 5-00
3. Panchamritha Abhishekha 15-00
4. Pavamana Abhishekha 250-00
5. Halu-Payasa 20-00
6. Vishnu Sahasranama Parayana 10-00
7. Vishnu Sahasranama Archane 30-00
8. Ashtottara Archane 10-00
9. Shani Pooja 135-00
10. Satya Narayana pooja 175-00
11. Vishnu Ranga Pooja 550-00
12. Hoovina Pooja (Except cost of flower) 65-00
13. Bella-Payasa 25-00
14. Ganapathi Panchakajjaya 6-00
15. Ganapathi Appada Pooja 50-00
16. Ganapathi Ranga Pooja 125-00
17. Vishnu Pooja 30-00
18. Gana Homa (1 coconut) 200-00
19. Gana Homa (3 coconut) 350-00
20. Gana Homa (6 Coconut) 600-00
21. Naga Ksheerabhishekha 3-00
22. Naga Tambila 40-00
23. Vishnu Alankara Pooja 100-00
24. Maha Pooja 125-00
25. Shashwatha Pooja 500-00
26. Wednesday Shashwatha Seva 1,500-00

All the amounts are in Rupees.

Devotees may also get Prasadam through post by sending seva amount through M.O. or D.D.

Compiled by: Vishweshwara Rao M, Mangalore.

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