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Kannada Music and Radio City

Click here if you would like to Contribute or send a feedback.

We get quite a few emails from our visitors every single day. Some are requests, some are reporting problems, some contribute their poems, articles, movie reviews, some want to help us, some are sick and tired of us!. Feedback are usually good.. sometimes really good and very rarely outright nasty.

OurKarnataka.Com (OKC) Team would like to say "Thank you, All!!" and we apologize if you didn't get any response to your email. We try to answer as many emails as we possibly can and we have tried very hard to reply as soon as possible and to everyone. Since the whole show is managed in our spare-time some of you may not have received a reply.

So, we have decided to publish at least a few of the feedbacks in a page. We would also rate a "feedback of the month" and hopefully send out a prize!!

OurKarnataka.Com (OKC) Team

Note: Radio City gets a lot of attention from everyone for good and bad reasons... We have tried to contact them a few times and they have so far not bothered to respond.. We will continue our efforts to talk to them and see what they have to say about this..

Last Feedback: December 15, 2003

Name : Rohith
Comments : I strongly feel that, even though Kannadigas can develop their own Radio city, it is very important that, the present Radio city SHOULD air Kannada Songs and Music. For that matter, anything that happens in Bangalore Shouldn't be done only in any foreign Language. KANNADA, being the local language MUST be given its due time and importance in all aspects of LIFE in Bangalore. It is nothing but bullshitting when people talk about Cosmopolitan culture, which cannot be at the cost of Kannada, its culture, music and people. The aggressive nature of Tamilians and other state people and the modesty of the Karnataka people has led to the situation where we are at present. We should fight to restore and develop the glitter of KANNADAMBE at all costs. It is better late that never. Let's pledge to fight this out strongly to protect our rights and culture even if it means sacrificing some of our pet resources, which only can be the best tribute to KANNADAMBE. - Rohith

Name : Raghavendra Prakash
Comments : Dear all, No offence meant to anyone. I strongly oppose the view of Mr. Srinath about the quality of kannada songs. There are good and bad songs in any language. That does not indicate the quality. Request the good old songs, let the Radiocity put them on air. By doing this, movie makers would be encouraged to contribute nice, melodious good songs, coz they what the audience are requesting. To make it happen, you and I have to request good songs and Radio city must oblige. Because it is Bangalore Radio city FM.

Name : Narendra B S
Comments : Mr. Adhi Narayanan, I do honor your feelings and if most people in Bangalore had the same feelings and importantly if Radio city had the same feelings, there would not have been so many complaints in these sections.
All that we are concerned about is the step motherly treatment kannada is getting in it's own land. Even the people who host programmes on this station do not speak kannada properly. So if you are really concerned over these differences then please urge those people with such head weight to respect kannada the way YOU respect all languages.

Name : Vishwanath Kulkarni
Subject : RadioCity
Comments : Sarvarigu Namaskara,
There are many Kannadigas striving to listen to Kannada songs. Infact RadioCity has hurt Kannadiga's feelings.
I completely agree with Jay. If some group or private body takes an initiative in launching a new FM station, mainly airing Kannada songs, then definitely it will gain tremendous popularity. This is the only way left with us. Calling all Kannadigas in support of this ...
Vishwanath Kulkarni

Name : Deepak K L
Subject : General Feedback about the Content
Comments : I agree with Jay. Group of like minded people can come together and think of starting a radio station in Kannada. We can have what we want without interference from our "cosmopolitan" friends who don't mind fanaticism by other language people, but raise a hue and cry that the country's unity is threatened the moment someone utters the word Kannada.
We are capable of building such an enterprise. Look at Vijaya Karnataka. Today, in a very short period, it is on par with any English paper and many people who used to subscribe to English dailies, buy this newspaper also. Likewise, many good Kannada websites are run by dedicated persons, shaming people who say that running a website in Kannada/local language is commercially not possible. I am sure Kannadigas will welcome and encourage such a venture.

Name : Srinath
Comments : Hopeless Songs
I fully agree that FM Radio should give more time for Kannada Songs. I am really disappointed with quality of Kannada Songs coming out recently (most of them written in English?) Few examples:
ABCD Ok? 1234 Ok? (Movie:H20)
Taalibaan Alla Alla (Movie: Appu)
Danger....15 to 20 Danger..(Movie: RakthaKanner)
Most of the Movies are bad remake of Tamil / Telugu movies. These are produced as we encourage them instead of discouraging them. Now tell me, whom do we blame?

Name : Jay
Comments : Instead of beating our hearts in vain and begging with Radio city, why can't we start a FM radio station of our own? A station which can be a role model that others can stand up and take notice. The station should also broadcast over the world wide web to the benefit of Kannadigas all over the country and world. I hope somebody will stand take and initiative and I am sure every Kannadiga will contribute to make this dream come true.

Name : Adhi Narayanan
Comments : Dear sir, I am from Canada. I always consider myself a Bangalorean. I never think about Tamil , Kannada, Hindi differences. I like Bangalore for what it is- Cosmopolitan.
So let Radio city do what they like . They are commercial establishment. So to survive they have to please the people. So it will automatically take care of the content. I listen to all songs Hindi , Tamil , Kannada , English and Arabic. Radio and TV and all have switches and if you do not like the programs ......just switch it off .
And do not forget that we are Indians and spare a thought for Indians abroad who melt at the very thought of home country wherever they are.
Such issues make us feel bad. - Adhi narayanan

Name : Lakshmisha
Subject : kannada in Bangalore
Comments : Kannada, being my mother tongue has been under lot of attack from different languages and culture in Bangalore. I definitely feel that there is no kannada found in Bangalore these days. They are found only on BMTC buses and Autorickshaws.

There is only ENNADA and EKKADA in Bangalore. Time has come to ask where is KANNADA. I request OKC to start a section to save our great language from being extinct in its own land. I have already written a comment on Radiocity issue but its not on the site. probably might come in when the content is refreshed.

On November 1st I was traveling to Indiranagar from Mathikere.. on the stretch near Ulsoor lake after Philips software there is a compound which has 'stick no bills' writing on the wall. Its written in English first , Tamil second and Kannada in the third place. This is not the only place where kannada is not given its right place.. right through all the churches boards are written in Tamil.

Ulsoor, shivajinagar and other Tamil dominated areas have only Tamil boards. there are roads like Kamraj road( god knows who he is and what relevance he has in Bangalore ) and people put his big picture and dance around in the middle of the road. this culture is completely from Tamilnadu and should be curbed in our state. Now if you give Tamilians an inch they will take an acre.

I want to question the Bangalore mahanaga palike where in the rule is that all the boards should be in English and kannada. where did Tamil come from? Tamilians have come here and started to show their fanaticism, there are walls in Bangalore city where they have written in Tamil asking the CM to unveil Tiruvalluvar statue. Tamilians whom i meet have started questioning the kannada boards in BMTC. Tamilians who have come into software companies always go and hire people from Tamil nadu. I have friends from Mysore and other places in Karnataka struggling to get a job in bangalore's software firms. what is the government , local bodies and sahitya acadamy and kannada and culture ministry doing about this.. are they all sleeping?

We don't even get to see a good kannada movies getting released in more than 15 theatres, Tamil movies get more than 20 theatres these days.. we see only Tamil posters all over Bangalore and not kannada posters. if this trend continues one day bangalore will become apart of Tamilnadu.

This is my sincere request and cry to stop this atrocity and save our language and people from the onslaught of these fanatic Tamilians. Once a person called Bal Thakarey founded Shiv Sena to combat the tamilia influx into Mumbai and save Maratha culture. he succeeded in that. we need a kannada Bal Thakarey to combat these
pallavas else we will become minorities in our own city.

Mr vatal nagaraj should be looking to combat Tamil and not English because English is absolutely necessary for todays' world. kindly like minded people write to we shall start a revolution and save our language.
please ask the comments of people on this.

I request OKC to put this as a topic and get all the visitors to the website together.
thanks a lot. siriganadam gelge sirigannadam balge. - lakshman

Name : Lakshmisha
Comments : Namaskara,
This is in reply to Mr .Harsha Ramamurthy's comments. Well, the name sounds like he is a Kanndiga but his attitude shows that he is not and will never be a Kannadiga. We, the people of this great state and great culture and great language have the decency not to degrade anybody's culture or language or passions. So, the comments by Mr Harsha degrading kannada proves that he is not a Kannadiga by heart.

Let us not mistake the meaning of the word 'Cosmopolitan'. These days when we try to act for supporting kannada in any issue, the answer by the infiltrants ( with due respect to all those people who have migrated to this great state ) is that 'be COSMOPOLITAN and don't be a fanatic'. Cosmopolitanism is tolerating other languages and culture and not to forget one's own language and culture. Moreover, this cannot be termed as fanaticism as we are asking for kannada in kannada land and not in west bengal or Tamil nadu. Asking for kannada songs in Tamil nadu is fanaticism . please note the point.

The air time at Radiocity should be divided into hindi , english and kannada 30% each and the rest 10% could be any language. This is the minimum which needs to be done at the moment. People who are like minded please mail me at

I have mailed Radiocity many a times requesting kannada songs but in vain. I agree with all the mails supporting the great music directors we all have seen and heard. Morever, it makes perfect business sense to Radiocity if they play more than 30% kannada songs because the more than 50% of audience of Radiocity are kannadigas. This will help them broadbase thier audience and give due respects to the language and the sentiments of the people. I am a software consultant and would love to write more on kannada and its image in the software industry . I shall the save that for my next feedback.

For those who know less of this great state and language here are some news.

highest number of Gnanapeth awards,
highest number of cricketers from a state at any point in a team of 11
we are the numero uno in software
we are numero uno in medicare
we are numero uno in biotech
we are numero uno in e-governance
we are numero uno in sports like swimming, tennis etc.

Maniratnam started his career with kannada movie Pallavi Anu pallavi
anil kapoor debuts was kannada movies stated above
Juhi chawla started her career in kannada movies.
Simran started her career in south in kannada movies.
prakash Rai who is known as Prakash Raj ia our man.
Style king Rajanikant , though born to Marathis is a complete Kannadiga brought up here in Bangalore.
prabhudeva and kin are kannadigas.
murali, kokila mohan are also our men.
flamboyant business man mallya is a kannadiga..
best CM SM Krsihna ( polled earlier ) in the country is a kannadiga.
the best defence minister George Fernandes is our man.

i have not named literary geniuses , artists, musicians, because people like harsha do relate to only things on the surface like movies and movie songs. people who relate to my ideologies and feelings can mail me at let us start cleaning up the filth amidst us .( u know whom i am talking about )

thanks, sirigannadam gelge sirigannadam balge.

Name: Venkatest. M S
Should Radio City be banned? No I don't think so, rather I think that it is Govt. of Karnataka that should be blamed for. What is the Ministry of Kannada and Literature doing? Isnít Kannada the state language in Karnataka??

Regional Radio Centers are setup in the interest of Local People. It is very unfortunate to note that except Kannada (by enlarge) other languages are given preference on this radio station. It is shocking to note that only two of the RJ's know Kannada. Isn't it a shame, that the people who present programs in this region are not from this region and won't know the local language?

Why should Kannadigaís of Bangalore city tolerate this humiliation?? Is it taken for granted that Kanndaigaís wonít voice against these atrocities. Donít Radio City People understand that Local Language should be given prominence instead of cornering it to once a week??

Does this happen in other cities? I was in chennai last month and happened to hear to Radio Mirch. Not only was I surprised to note that Songs played, were in Tamil but also RJís conduct the programs in Tamil.

Lets all join hands and fight this out; Lets knock the doors of the judiciary and seek justice in the interest of Kannadigaís

Name: Manoj Srinivas
Hi guys,
This is really atrocious and every body have now started getting into the nerves of kannadigas in Bangalore and it has become a norm now a days. We are being seriously bugged everywhere. Radiocity is just the latest addition to the long list. I keep sending in requests to Radiocity for Kannada songs daily, but, not even a single time that my request has been processed. All the time, it's hindi, hindi, hindi & only hindi.

Even, my friends are complaining that they send so many requests to radiocity but only to see that their requests are turned down. What Radiocity is not understanding is the fact that we are not opposed to Hindi as Tamilians are. We like Hindi and consider it as a National language, but definitely not at the expense of our language of the land Kannada.

If Radiocity intends to reach out to all kinds of audience, let them strike a balance between Kannada and Hindi, but not by completely disregarding and neglecting Kannada. As of now, during week days, only 2-3 Kannada songs are beign telecast daily, while on Sundays, approximately, two hours of kannada songs are broadcasted. Apart from that, it's a big VACCUM as far as kannada is concerned.

At least two to four hours daily should be exclusively reserved for kannda programs which is very much acceptable for all of us as against the 99%Hindi-1%Kannada rule being followed right now. I think, it's high time we kannadigas join hands and protest against this apathy shown by Radiocity towards Kannada.

Name: Chidanand
Please play more kannada songs. Being a Bangalore channel, Radio city lacks Bangalore taste due to lack of kannada songs in it's programs... hoping to listen more kannada songs in FM. Regards.

Name : Bhagvan Cheeyandira

Comments : Hi, In my last visit to Blore (around May 2002), I enjoyed listening to Radio City as they did have a mix of Kannada, Hindi and English (though the later 2 were more in term of time).

My most recent visit (ended Oct 2003), I was really disgusted with Radio City, let alone reducing the time for Kannada songs, the Ads are in Hindi, everything is either Hindi/English. Earlier we used to have the 'learn A Kannada word daily', I didnt seem to hear it this time. Even the Sundays Chow Chow Bhaat (8:00 am - 12 noon) which is Advertised as Kannada Songs, has songs of other South Indian Languages also.

Some complain about Kannada songs, not being upto the mark. What about older Kannada songs. Aren't they good enough to be played on Radio City (like old Hindi songs being played regularly). The last week of my stay, I was told about another FM Station, wherein I switched over to 101.3, which gives considerable amount of time for Kannada songs. - Bhagvan

Name : Pawan Deshpande
Comments : Hello Mr Harsha,
I think you are boasting too much about your mean mind. I am really ashamed that you are a Kannadiga. I can believe myself that kannadigas can be such people with no mind at all. I think you have not seen any place other than Bangalore. Go to other parts of the country where people try to preserve their culture and language. Or if you have more money go to some European countries, like Italy, Germany and France. They hate English and their software is all written in their own language. Are they not forward nations according to you? (Though they are not according to me)

Become kannada conscious in nature and you will find that there is kannada everywhere. If you have those eyes to look you will definitely find it. The problem with people like you is your inferiority complex. Yes, I think you have inferiority complex, and that is the reason that you are having a negative impact of this. I suggest you to go through this small course.
1) Start listening to all types of kannada songs. 10 per day. Do this for 1 month and then slowly your kannada brain will start working.
2) Read 2 articles from a kannada newspaper. If you are tech savvy then visit or
These two things are enough for you at present to revive your kannada spirit. Then everything will get alright.

To all fellow kannadigas. kannadigas are suffering from non-kannadism presently. They have to take the correct medicine to get over it. And that medicine is to get involved in kannada activities. Like listening to songs, watching movies, kannada serials, and many more.

siri gannadam gelge
Pawan Deshpande.

Name : Murthy
Comments : This is in response to LMS's letter, he says Hindi is national language, we'll lets get the facts straight, HINDI IS NOT OUR NATIONAL LANGUAGE, The constitution does'nt say so, Just because it is spoken by a Large no of people it should not be imposed on others. Mr LMS also asks whether those who are protesting against Radio City speak precise Kannada, Do you need to speak "Precise Kannada" to protest the imposition of other language on you?
Regards - Murthy.

Name : Deepak KL
Comments : Dear LMS, yes, music in any language soothes heart and mind. But don't we have a right to listen to music in our own language, that too in our own land. Are we asking the radio stations of Assam or Haryana to play Kannada songs? Radio City wants to do business in Karnataka, but does not want to respect the local language. The same is the case with many other businesses and individuals here. I agree with Sanjay Mysoremutt here when he asks whether this would have been possible in Chennai or Hyderabad.

It is disgusting to note that some of our own Kannadigas accuse protesters as fanatics and chauvinists. Some time ago, my friend had an argument with another website from Karnataka. This website claims it is doing a lot for Karnataka and Kannadigas. But it brands all those who protested against Radio City as fanatics. When my friend protested against the use of this word, this website claimed that they (Radio City) are here for doing business and can do whatever they want as long as it was not against the law. I agree. But a radio station is not another business which caters to one small section of society, right? Any man on the road with a radio set is its customer. Here the question of the local language comes in.

Another point said by this website was that it was impossible to run a website in Kannada. Being a website, I wonder whether they have ever seen sites like,, etc. Their point was this- if you want to run a business and get profits, the hell with language, culture, sentiments. All those talk about language and culture are sentimental fools who don't know how to survive in this "globalised" world. If you want to run a radio/TV channel for Kannadigas, a website in Kannada, you are doomed and have to wind up with losses- this was the summary of this website's answer to my friend. No wonder, Kannada is losing in Karnataka with such people around.

Name : LMS
Comments : Sir,
Why do u fight with the language and spoil the programme whatever radiocity delivering us. Hindi is the national language obliviously give more importance. Music is to relax your mind and heart or sooths your mind and heart. That's all u should have in your mind instead create all this chaos on language. isn't sensible. sit and think about it. I am also kannadiga born in Mangalore. Whoever is written criticism WE NEED TO ASK THEM HOW WELL THEY SPEAK PRECISELY IN KANNADA. SIMPLY NOT TO JOIN CREATE CHAOS LIKE GUMPINALLI GOVINDA this is just my view on your comments which I read on OurKarnataka.Com.

Name : Smriti V Metikurke

Subject : Radio City & Harsha Ramamurthy's Email
Comments : I strongly agree with Niranjan. I have requested several times through email & SMS for old kannada hits to be played in request shows of Radio City. There were times when I have waited for hours together for one small request to be played. It never happened. Radio City never considers. I really wonder whether they'll ever change.

Vividhabharathi is the only place where we can request for good songs & they play it for you with your words on why you like the song. I encourage everyone to listen to the program "Bembidadha gungugalu" when you get a chance.

There are lots of people like Harsha Murthy in Bangalore. I have seen many people around me asking "Why should I listen to kannada songs, why should I learn kannada when I can survive without knowing the language". No day has gone by without a fight with such people. If Harsha Murthy was a real kannadiga, he wouldnít have said so even in his dreams. I really thank all those who care for Kannada & keep up the same spirit forever.

Name : Naveen
Subject : About Harsha Ramamurthy's Email
Comments : Mr. Harsha Ramamurthy, First of all do u know what is Music ? Do u think all those Hindi and English songs which Radio City shouts for 24 hours all good ? U speak about kannada songs, saying that they r not good. I will tell u one proverb in kannada listen "Katteege eenu gottu Kasturi Gandha ?"

First of all u learn Kannada Properly, understand the in and out of our language, our art, our music etc... It seems u all the time listen to bad things and due to that u can't identify good things in our Language. By the way can u name any other language which has taken 6 PadmaBhushana award ? Hey take out this attitude, because of people like u, even the people who learn and speak kannada will stop it.

Name: Sanjay Mysoremutt
Subject: Some thoughts from the bottom of my heart
Hi out there!! Namaskaara!!! I am a great fan of RadioCity... I love its lively programs!! I am a regular listener in my car on the way to office, and also during afternoons after lunch wearing headphones. I greatly appreciate the Kannada songs being played occasionally in the evenings and listen in on chow-chow bath on Sunday mornings.

I agree more and more people are speaking in English everyday than Kannada in Bangalore, and hence English is so much more convenient. Speaking brutally honestly, we have enough issues in our day to day life, why should we even care about some ideological sentiments about saving a language from extinction?

Considering that a person who cannot speak Kannada can manage perfectly well in Bangalore, why should one even make an effort to learn Kannada? Su. Ram. Ekkundi, a late Kannada poet had said "Learning the language of the land is like saying `Thank you' to your host when you go to someone's house and accept his or her hospitality. It is one's primary duty."

Another vital point is that a language gives one a sense of IDENTITY. E.g. when I visited the Taj Mahal... I could hear people all around me speaking a variety of languages... Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Bengali and Malayali were those I could recognize. It was an excellent display of national integration, so many people from all over India coming to visit this beautiful structure. As I strolled around, I was delighted to hear a group talking in Kannada... I felt really happy and went and chatted with them. Funny thing is that was the only way I could recognize that they too were from a place near where I lived. This sense of identity is even more important outside India. One day, in a train in Germany (where its often hard to find someone who knows even English!), somebody approached me and my friends when we were talking in Kannada and asked "bengluurindha bandhidhira?" (Are you from Bangalore?). After many months in a foreign country, it was great to meet someone from close to home.

Can you even imagine a similar station in Hyderabad not relaying Telugu songs, or a station in Chennai not relaying Tamil songs? It pains me that RadioCity is unfairly taking undue advantage of the broad mindedness and liberal nature of Kannadigas.

Look at advanced countries like Germany or France... they give value to their own culture and language compared to other languages. Do you not regognize this as advanced thinking?

Please note, I am not denouncing English, the very fact that I am writing this mail with it shows that it has ended up become irreplaceable. However it must be treated as a value addition and not a substitution. I am talking about a more balanced approach where Kannada is not treated like an orphan in her own land.

I am grateful to you that you have brought this technology to Bangalore, providing high quality entertainment to Bangaloreans. I would say the biggest boon from RadioCity is liberation from the dependence on television. The number of listeners of this channel are amazing; the radio has been restored its former status of being a form of mass media. However, it is said in the movie Spiderman "With great power comes great responsibility".

I hope you heed the request of all Kannadigas to give Kannada a lot more value than you are giving now. Would love to hear from you about your point of view.
Thanks for listening,

Name : Basavaraj K
Comments : I am equally unhappy with Radio city for not playing kannada songs. But the alternatives are no good either.

If you tune into the Rainbow FM channel which boasts of being a true kannada channel, you find the DJ loves to talk in "Kanglish" ( They are pathetic in kannada and English but still want to show off they know English and can match Radio city or any FM channel, in style and slang).

After tuning into all the alternative channels, I am of opinion that Radio city is a lesser evil. One way to make this channel give due rights to kannada is to take the advertisers to task. For eg. Vijaya times gives regular advts on this channel and we can always pull up the VRL group on the anti-kannada stance of Radio city.

BPCL and Sagar Apollo hospital, Bangalore ran a sticker campaign for 4 wheelers in Bangalore recently. Pull up these companies on the radio city's anti-kannada stance.

All FM channels survive at the mercy of advts and if we must hit them hard, we must first gain the support of the advts companies.

Name: Santhosh
Ya, I totally agree with Nithin there should be more emphasize on kannada when u call radiocity FM as bangalore's own channel we are kannadigas and have the right to hear kannada as a local language . so I think you should include 3 half hour programmes like 1 in morning ,afternoon and evenings purely kannada programs and it would be great if u could provide some useful information of the local happenings and jobs, trivia, amazing facts about Bangalore.
and something like 1 minute news in kannada every 6 hours or so. your media can become powerful if u could broadcast live on internet since yours is a 24 hr channel concept you could reach millions of people abroad basically who are thirsty for a kannada channel .
so please think on to put a foot hold on the internet and emphasizing kannada more in the channel so that we could call it "NAMMA CHANNEL"
Thank you - Santhosh

Name : Praveen
Comments : Hello. OKC, Yea I Stick on what I said, may be small but these Kind of things really matters. Being an Kannadiga why he is not supporting Kannada when its getting beat by outside languages. When he cant Help his Own Mother Tongue ...what else.....
Rgds, Praveen Jai Hind Jai Karnataka
OKC: Praveen, point taken!!

Name : Praveen
Subject : About Harsha Ramamurthy's Email
Comments : I completely agree with what Niranjan and Deepa Bhat said. Harsha You have No rights to be here and in Karnataka. Please .................
Praveen, Jai Hind and Jai Karnataka
OKC: Hello Praveen, Wouldn't you like to consider the thought that Harsha has his opinion and you have yours ? Is he supposed to leave Karnataka, just because of his completely non-violent opinion ??

User Name : Raghavendra B.H
I completely agree with u Nithin bcoz from the day they started i haven't even heard an hour full of kannada music. I have a doubt here about to whom they are catering the music by calling themselves Bangalore music channel.

Is it for locals of the Bangalore or for the people who come to Bangalore without the knowledge of the language and don't even show little commitment towards learning the local language. One more important matter is only two among the lot of RJ's know kannada. This shows the Star's concern about the local language. Do we need a local music station which do not even respect the local language. Are We kannadigas in Bangalore so very frustrated about our magnificent history that kannada .Do we really need Hindi music or any other language to enthrall yourself amidst our tight schedules.


User Name : Ramaprasad
Subject : Kannada songs in Radio City!
First, the audacity of this station explains the mentality of the owners of this channel. So, the citizens of Karnataka should show them where it hurts. If there are talented people, the entrepreneurs of Karnataka should start a competing station with better quality programs every one is talking here. Instead of arguing with this station, show them that people listen to what they want and RadioCity will give them Kannada programs without asking!.

The rich artists of kannada film field are busy making money and not contributing to the society which gave them wealth, fame and status. Question these people who get everything and give nothing in return. Stop putting big cut-outs in front of theaters and use that money to provide life for good artists.

We should unite and celebrate strong kannada culture and there is no way the organizations like Radio city will ignore such a force.

It is good that people are discussing about these topics and I am sure some are taking necessary actions. God Bless people of Karnataka...

Name : Niranjan
Subject : Harsha Ramamurthy's Comment
Comments : Mr. Harsha, you don't even have the right to be here at OurKarnataka.Com! You seem to jump into stupid conclusion that people don't request Kannada songs during the Request Show. While the plain fact is, they don't play Kannada requests! Yes, myself and many of my friends have requested such melodious, original hits like -as my fellow Kannadiga put it- "ee touch alli" among others, but they just don't play them.

And no, we're not saying playing Hindi tracks is anyway against us. It's just that while they can allot 17 hours for mindless English and 4 hours of old, oft repeated Hindi songs, why not play Kannada songs at least for 3 hours?

I'm sorry, does asking for a few songs from our own language seem "illogical and unreasonable" to you?! Quote: "...Radiocity does play A Kannada song everyday at 7 in the evening..." One song per day?! While a Foreign country like USA plays the same for 1 hour?

There have been protests, but they don't seem to bother at all, sheer shamelessness! And I don't think they'll ever change on their stand regarding this issue.
Thanking all who stood up for Kannada, Niranjan.
*Jai Hind, Jai Kannada*

Name : Mahesh
Subject : Harsha Ramamurthy's Comment
Comments : Pls ..Do not Hurt any ones patriotism ... U don't have any right to do that .

Name : Vishwanath Kulkarni
Subject : Harsha's comments about Kannada music
Comments : Dear Mr. Harsha
If you are a Kannadiga how could you ever forget the great music directors of Kannada film industry (G. K. Venkatesh, Vijayabhaskar, Rajan-Nagendra, Hamsalekha, Guru Kiran etc.). These are only a few names that I have listed. Did you ever know Hamsalekha never copies tunes and music from other languages!. I do not know why you are against Kannada music and giving it a bad shape. Being a Kannadiga, I admire other languages and their songs. I do listen to Hindi songs as well but never sideline Kannada, my mother tongue. My humble request is please do not make such comments that deeply hurts Kannadigas feelings.

Name : B.S Narendra
Comments : Sir, I strongly feel the same way as the kannada organizations that are protesting against the lack of importance to kannada on the bangalore FM station.

The local kannada culture is already being eroded by influx of people from different parts of the country into Bangalore. This is becuase as I have seen most of these people do not seem to care about preserving the beautiful local language (of this place which they are
happily utilizing for their own upcoming) as they are able to manage without it.

Given this situation we would request a medium like radio city to be supportive of kannada.

Name : Sampige Srinivasa K.P
Subject : About Harsha's remarks on Kannada Music
Comments : It is really pathetic to see the remarks made by this person called Harsha about Kannada Music. There is a saying in Kannada " Kattege enu gottu Kasthuri Parimala" which rightly fits this person.

I am the fan of Kannada Music and Cinema and as far as Kannada Music is concerned it is the only langauge in South India where you hear melodious music. We have foot taping music by Geniuses like Hamsalekha and GuruKiran.

Have you heard the song "Ee touchalli Eno ide" composed by Gurukiran which is a catchy tune and also dubbed in to Telugu and Tamil.

So My sincere advise is do not say things without knowing or hearing about it. Our so called educated Kannadigas are having preconception about Kannada Cinema and Music.

Please tell me How many movies in Hindi or Tamil or telugu becomes hit in a year? Out of 60 to 100 only 1 or 2 will make to the box office. There was an article saying that in Tamilnadu the Theatres are being closed and being made as Kalyana Mandapams due to the huge loss in the Tamil Film industry due to bad films. But the Irony is those flop Tamil films are a hit in Bangalore! No Need to say about the rubbish Hindi and Telugu Movies

So don't abuse Kannada Cinema and its songs which are far better than others.

Name : Prashanth Mysore
Subject : About Harsha Ramamurthy's Email
Comments : All, I am surprised and shocked at the way Mr.Harsha Ramamurthy has replied to an article regarding kannada being not given prominence in FM. I agree that not many people want to listen to kannada songs, but that doesn't mean that you as an individual, as a resident of Karnataka shouldn't promote the language or the songs.
In fact you should have programmes at peak time playing all the leading kannada movie songs, If you don't know which songs are a hit, please let me know and I will provide you the same.
Though I reside in NJ, USA. I keep a track of the latest kannada songs. In fact on 1680 AM radio station here we can here to kannada songs on Mondays from 7-8 in the evening.
The funny/selfish part of people like Harsha is that they want a place like Bangalore (which is peace loving, very good in a calm environment and whose people are patient enough to tolerate all other people irrespective of their language, cast or creed) to live in but donít want to accept their language.
Mr. Harsha please donít take it personally, there is no patriotism involved here, nobody teaches us a human to respect his mother, similarly for a state their language is of utmost importance.
God has given you the chance, luck to serve the people in some way so better use it in the right way. Even if you could not air the kannada songs, you could have put in a better and humble way instead of going for figures and statistics.
Just because kannadigas are mild donít talk what ever you want, Just imagine if you would have had the guts to say all these in any other state, they would have thrown you and your station out of this universe.
Who said cosmopolitan bangaloreans do not want to listen to kannada songs? While you did the survey did you find out what was the listenerís mother tongue? Or just because he asked for a non kannada song, you assumed that he doesnít want to listen to kannada songs.
Anyways, the only reason I wrote this feedback was to make a statement that you canít say what ever you want and hurt people sentiments.
Thanks, Prashanth

Name : Deepa Bhat
Subject : General Feedback about the Content
Comments : I disagree with Harsha Ramamurthy when he says that Kannada songs are inferior compared to Hindi songs. Just listening to Hindi songs on the FM radio shows what loud and noisy songs Hindi songs have become nowadays. And most of them are shameless copies. If he likes Hindi songs, it is ok, but what is the necessity to degrade Kannada songs and movies? Have such people really heard Kannada songs. Please, all those who never heard Kannada songs and blindly believe that Kannada songs and movies are bad, please have an ear closely and you will know.

Just because people hear Hindi music, does it mean all Hindi songs are great, and all Kannada songs are 'ghisa pita'? Isn't it stupid to think like that? We are not against any languages, no harm in listening to music of other languages. I too love listening to Hindi songs. But silly comparisons and degrading our own makes it a very sick mentality. I too hear the request show of FM Rainbow where many people ask for Hindi songs. But it is because of the above mentality where our own Kannadigas feel that it is insulting to hear Kannada songs and believe that all Kannada songs are bad. Good and bad are there in all languages, I do agree that there are many bad songs in Kannada also. But it is really pathetic to make sweeping observations on the entire Kannada music and movie industry. There should be a balanced judgment before making wild assumptions.

User Name : Harsha Ramamurthy
Subject : To Radiocity FM with love and disgust.
Article : Hello people! It is sad that we are trying to follow the foot steps of the fanatic Tamilians in seeking 'extras' for Kannada everywhere, even if it is illogical and unreasonable. If you are an actual listener of Radio city you would have very well noticed that Radiocity does play a Kannada song everyday at 7 in the evening and also on Sunday mornings. There is Radio FM, Vividh Bharati and Bangalore Akashvani. Radio city caters to the cosmopolitan band of Bangaloreans who prefer to listen to Hindi and English rather than the really bad music that is happening on the Kannada movie scene. It is pathetic to insist that people should listen to 'ghisa pita' music just because it is in Kannada. Everyday, there is a request show and a close observation of the same reveals that there are hardly people asking for Kannada songs. Please do not spoil this great entertaining channel with unnecessary patriotism.

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