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Yograj Bhat delivers again - Gaalipata flies high

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Banner: S. P. R Entertainments (India) Pvt. Ltd
N. Suryaprakash Rao, A.M. Rathnam
Story, Screenplay, Dialogue, Direction:
Yogaraj Bhat
Executive Producer:
Dayal Padmanaban
Madan Harini, Shankar
Yogaraj Bhat and Jayanth
Suresh Urs

Since the day of its launch Gaalipata has created headlines for many many reasons. Firstly it’s a first Kannada film to be shot in Super 35mm format. It is a big budget film with an ensemble starcast lead by the current box office favorite Golden Star Ganesh. Directed by one of the best Director in Kannada Films today Yograj Bhat, Gaalipata had created such a big hype that audiences are flocking to the theatres with very high expectations. Does the film meet the expectations? Is it a sixth hit film in a row for Ganesh? Here is the verdict.

As Yograj Bhat has told time and time again, GAALIPATA is not another MUNGAARU MALE. Gaalipata is much bigger.Its a joy ride of nonstop comedy with a bit of emotion and drama in between. It’s a spectacle of beautiful locations, songs and comedy. Three buddies decide to take a break from the boring city life and spend some time in MUGILU PETE. The scene where the three Gani, Diganth and Kitti meet the girls is brilliantly visualized and executed by the director.Although there is nothing new in the storyline, the presentation, the dialogues and vivid characterization keeps you laughing throughout the film.Yograj Bhat’s Mugilupete is so beautiful that you start to wonder whether it’s a foreign location.But once again Bhat proves that you need not go outside Karnataka to shoot a beautiful film. Gaalipata is a treat to watch, Kodachadri will be a famous place to visit after seeing this film.In Mungaaru it was a rabbit, this time it’s a wild pig.Bhat has blended animals a character to the story very wisely. The pig is a major talking point throughout the film. The scenes where Anant Nag, Ganesh and rest of them try to hunt the notorious animal have been shot and composited intelligently. The EFX team in Chennai deserves a credit for this. The climax of the film is predictable, but who cares? You come out of the theatre with a big smile. PAISA VASOOL!

All the actors have done a competent job. If there is one actor who is extraordinary, it has to be Ganesh.He is so casual and easy going throughout the film that you start to wonder what is so special about him? Why has he made it so big in just one year? Why do women think he is sexy? Ganesh is special because of his effervescence, his simple sense of style, his screen presence, his comic timing. No actor in the Kannada film industry today can match his performance in Gaalipata.This film too will be a hit! How big a hit only time will tell…... Diganth has improved his acting prowess by leaps and bounds.Or may be it’s the Yograj Bhat effect.Rajesh Krishnan for a change has acted instead of singing.Can you imagine a top class play back singer not singing in his own film? Daisy Bopanna is very subdued and quite through out the film, a contrasting role for someone who was a bike riding tom boy! Neetu is yet another talented actress who has been neglected by the Kannada film industry. She has proved her mettle especially in the scenes with Diganth.Bhavana Rao is a bundle of talent. She is bubbly, naughty and also very funny. She is a brilliant dancer; she deserves author backed roles to show her full potential.

Ananth Nag, Padmaja Rao and Sudha Belavadi are at their usual best. There are two more stars in the film we must not forget. There is Rangayana Raghu who graces the screen for 3 scenes and steals the show and there is Dayal Padmanabhan, the executive producer of the film, he is terrific throughout the film.

Technically Galipata is very rich.Yograj Bhat’s aesthetic sense, his choice of locations add to the beauty of the film.Ratnavelu has painted the screen with vibrant colours with his extra ordinary camera work .Shot in a Super 35 mm film camera, Gaalipata is comparable to any Hindi film in its visual quality. Digital Intermediate work further enhances the colour quality and sharpness of the film. All the song sequences have been picturised exceedingly well. Harikrishna’s music is a big hit. All the songs are hummable and are played by all the FM Radio stations over and over again.Jayant Kaikini has once again come up with some magical lines which you keep murmuring all the time. Suresh Urs one of India’s best editors has cut the film brilliantly. Yograj Bhat has done it again. His hard work has paid off.Bhat is one of the very few directors who has tasted failure and success in a very big way. He was magnanimous in his failure and is even now. Kudos to him for giving us Gaalipata.Sky is the limit for Yograj Bhat.He will make some bigger and better films in the future.

Galipata’s success will catapult Ganesh into super stardom.Looks like he will rules the hearts of Kannada people like he rules the box office.He deserves all the success,because he is a very rare talent.

Overall Galipata is a winner! A neat family entertainer. Go watch it now!

OKC rating: 8/10

Mattooru Harish

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