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Delicious Snacks - Part 2

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Chaklis (Murukku) | Sweet Chakli | Patholeo in turmeric leaves | Jackfruit Patholeo

Chaklis (Murukku):

250 Gms boiled rice; 250 Gms raw rice; 50 Gms green gram (mung dal); 50 Gms black gram (urd dal); 1 tbsp gingili seed, 3 coconuts; 1 tbsp cumin seed, 1 cup boiled rice; oil for frying; salt to taste.
Clean and soak boiled and raw rice for an hour. Extract coconut juice and grind both kinds of rice together with coconut juice and salt to taste to form fine dry dough. Wash the one-cup of rice and dry it well and fry and powder it into flour. Separately roast the green gram and black gram dals and powder them well. Similarly roast the gingili seed and rub off the skins. Mix rice dough with the rice flour, and the powders of gram dals and also the cumin seed and gingili seed. Beat, mould and mix well to form thick dryish dough. Put it a little at a time in the mould and press into chaklis and deep fry in oil (or ghee if preferred). Store in closed tins. You can also add a little butter and/or 3 beaten eggs to the dough while mixing it.

Sweet Chakli:
1 cup rice flour; 1 tbsp butter, 1 cup jaggery; - 1 cup coconut scrapings; 1 tsp roasted sesame; 1 tsp ghee, tsp cardamom powder; oil for frying.
In a dekchi bring to boil 1- cups of water. Add one tsp butter and a pinch of salt. Remove from the fire, add the rice flour and mix well. Knead well. Heat oil in a Kerahi. Press the dough through a chakli press directly in the hot oil. Fry till golden brown. Remove from oil and keep aside. In a dekchi, put the jaggery, add enough water to dissolve the jaggery. Stir well and boil till the jaggery dissolves completely. Remove from the fire and strain the liquid. Now boil the jaggery liquid for 10 minutes or till the syrup becomes thick. Add the coconut scrapings and let it simmer for 2-3 minutes. Take the dekchi off the fire; add the roasted sesame, ghee, cardamom powder and lastly chakli pieces, broken into 1-inch pieces. Mix well and keep covered for one hour before serving.

Patholeo in turmeric leaves:
1 Kg boiled rice; 2 coconuts (fairly tender); 500 Gms jaggery; 1 tsp cardamom powder and salt to taste.
Wash rice and soak it for about an hour, and grind it with salt to form thick and dry dough. Mix well, finely scraped coconut, jaggery and cardamom. Evenly and thinly spread dough over each turmeric leaf, place coconut mixture in a line in the center over the dough and fold the leaf firmly pressing the edges. Steam in a steaming vessel (thondor).

Jackfruit Patholeo:
Ingredients: 1 Kg boiled rice; 2 coconuts; 1 medium sized ripe jackfruit; 1 tsp cardamom powder, teak leaves/plantain leaves and salt to taste.
Soak the rice for one hour. Cut and remove about 25 seeds of the jackfruit and take only the fleshy portions and cut them fine. Wash rice and grind it together with jackfruit strips and salt to taste to form a fine thick paste. Make a mixture of scraped coconut, powdered jaggery and cardamom powder and mix well. Spread the dough over teak leaves or plantain leaves and proceed and continue as in the previous recipe (Patholeo in turmeric leaves).

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